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Still Trending: Wedge Sneakers

Bare Feet Shoes

Posted on March 23 2016

Like all fashion trends, the wedge sneaker has gone through the trend cycle from rare to cool to now forgotten. On the fashion tip, blogs and style stars are now obsessed with all things “athleisure” and “#teamcozy.” Sneakers and sports bras worn with pencil skirts or Nike Tech Fleece head to toe worn with Huaraches. The sneaker is not a trend but a platform for fashion trends like minimalism.

“Women are more comfortable wearing sneakers at the office, at dinner,  or on a date, versus just the gym or in sweats,” she says.

Jazerai Allen Lord, director of media for, has seen women’s sneaker culture grow over time and much like Boyle appreciates the impact of the wedge and later, the so-called “fashion sneaker.” 

Lord agrees: “I live by one motto: Girls compete—women empower. The wave is big enough for us all to ride.” 

For those of us who grow up obsessed with sneakers and being made fun of wearing kicks with dresses before Karl Lagerfeld did it at Chanel or Phoebe Philo’s treasured low tops at Céline, it’s a bit of an adjustment. What’s key is to wear what you love, not just what gets you online love. Despite the trends and fads like Marant’s wedges, sneakers are here to stay—but it’s up the wearer to make it their own. 



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