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New Trend Alert: Fringe is in!

Jack Jacobson

Posted on November 17 2015

New Trend Alert: Fringe is in!


Gone are the days when only cowboys, flappers, and Pocahontas could dawn fringe in their wardrobe. Celebrities like Fergie Ferg, Jennifer Garner, Kourtney Kardashian, and Jessica Szohr have been spotted all glammed up in fringe on red carpets and running the streets with casual fringe accessories. Fringe is in baby!

Today most people associate the trendy swinging strands with music festival attire most commonly seen at Coachella. Inspired by runway looks, more and more retailers are stocking up on this season's must-have trend from apparel to accessories to shoes.

There's a certain nostalgic feeling one gets when wearing fringe. It feels like you're playing dress up like when you were a little kid going through your grandma's closet. Don't lie, whenever you try on something with fringe I know you do a little shimmying and shaking, I'm pretty sure every girl does it in the privacy of a dressing room or their bedroom.



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