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How to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots

Jack Jacobson

Posted on December 03 2015

Ever since they burst onto the mainstream fashion scene in the Fall of 2009, the uber chic trend ofover-the-knee boots have caused quite a bit of confusion among the masses. Many are unsure about how to integrate this look into their daily wear. Despite their appearance on the runways, this is a look originally associated with Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman," and it is daring to say the least. However, there is a way to find a happy medium between stylish and trashy by combining the over-the-knee-boots (OTK) look with the right choice of clothing.

This guide is designed to help women pull off the over-the-knee boot look with class and style. This will happen by offering some basic tips on dressing with OTKs in mind. Then, 5 ways to wear over-the-knee boots will be discussed as a means to get the creative fashion juices flowing. Finally, buying tips will help women get the inside track on the piece they need to finish it all off: over-the-knee boots.

Dressing with Over-the-Knee Boots: Keep It Classy

Before getting into specific looks, it is important to review a few dos and don’ts when it comes to dressing with OTK boots in general. Remember, this look, no matter how masterfully pulled off, still has a strong association with loose morals and risque activities. Therefore, ground rules for decorum are essential.

Style 1: Over-the-Knee Boots with Jeans

A favorite look for many women who want to marry the haute couture style of over-the-knee boots with a more casual look is to pair OTKs with jeans. This is a great option since the jeans ensure coverage and a (relatively) loose fit as compared to some other options. However, in order to make this look work, the jeans in question will need to be skinny jeans or else buyers will need to opt for a wider over-the-knee boot which may not wear as well with some of the other fashion options. For an added element of sophistication, consider pairing jeans with a crisp white or light-colored dress shirt.

Style 2: Over-the-Knee Boots with Leggings

A more popular choice is to wear over-the-knee boots with leggings, which are also a really hot fashion item. Leggings, by their very nature, hug the legs and make the fitting of OTKs pretty easy. However, in order to dial down the provocative nature of the over-the-knee look, it’s important to pair leggings with a loose-fitting top, like a sweater. This serves the dual purpose of creating modesty on top and adding a bit of warmth to the look and feel of the ensemble.

Style 3: Over-the-Knee Boots with Thigh-Length Skirts and Panty Hose

A more daring and formal option is to pair over-the-knee boots with a thigh-length skirt and panty hose. Since panty hose are slippery, even tight fitting OTKs will work great with them. The thigh - length skirt is also a happy middle ground between style and sexy. It will cover the legs while also showcasing the beauty of the boots. Make sure that the skirt is loose fitting, however, in order to control the silhouette and prevent negative associations with the look.

Style 4: Over-the-Knee Boots with Shorts and Stockings

For those who are really into the fashion scene, pairing over-the-knee boots with dress shorts and opaque stockings can really add punch to an outfit. The addition of the stockings is essential if buyers are to avoid showing too much skin. Also, this look is a bit more edgy, so it can be hard to pull off without the right accessories. Remember to keep the top more modest, opting for a dress T - shirt and flowy cardigan or dress shirt like the one described in Style 1.

Style 5: Over-the-Knee Boots with Longer Skirts and Dresses

Women who are wary of showing too much skin with a skirt or shorts may want to opt for another, more subtle way to highlight over-the-knee boots by pairing them with a long slitted skirt or dress. This option will keep the majority of the legs covered while allowing the teasing look of OTKs to show on occasion and add a bit of style.



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