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How to Look Super-Chic in Ankle Boots

Marina Shemchuk

Posted on January 11 2016

Womens ankle boots are stylish and convenient than knee high boots. They're an absolute must in every fashionista's wardrobe - adding to your Summer to Fall transition outfits, as well as showing more of your leg and fabulous hosiery!

Scale them to your legs

Selecting the right scale of boots for your legs, feet and ankles is important to avoid showcasing your size. Basically, a pair of stiletto heels will make full legs look like bricks in comparison; or if you have delicate legs and ankles then platform ankle boot heels will make them look like twigs. The size just becomes too obvious.

Make sure the proportion of your outfit is right

The taller the shaft of the boot, the shorter the skirt should be.

Dress your body shape

We're aiming for a well-proportional body shape. By knowing your body shape you'll find it easier to pick fashion ankle boots that will flatter your body.

Also if you're short and/or have short legs, avoid complicated details that make you look shorter.



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